CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Voucher


About CompTIA CTT+

Earning the CTT+ certification designates you as an exceptional trainer in your field. As an instructor, you not only have to plan engaging classroom lectures, practice tasks and exams, but you must also be a knowledgeable and effective communicator. CTT+ certification provides comprehensive training standards to validate your skills in a traditional or virtual classroom environment, and ensures that you can teach effectively and step up to the front of the class with confidence.

Candidates interested in earning CompTIA CTT+ certification with either the Classroom Trainer or Virtual

Classroom Trainer designation must first take and pass the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials (CompTIA CTT+ TK0-201) exam (This exam is only required one time and then submit a recording online of their classroom or virtual classroom training session (CompTIA CTT+ TK0-202 and/or CompTIA CTT+ TK0-203) which will be evaluated and scored.

For the latest CTT+ exam information regarding availability, version and pending retirement, please visit

Redeeming the Voucher

Voucher is valid for one CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Video Submission

When ready to submit your recording, you will need to add the voucher number to the CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer submission form, section Form D: Payment Information, under Payment Options.

Additional Information

  • Emailed within 2 working days (USA)
  • All sales of exam vouchers are final, no exceptions.

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