Listen to YODA: Time to Unlearn What You Have Learned About Marketing

Posted By , May 1st, 2018

This is the challenge for marketers today.

As YODA told Luke in Star Wars:
“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Now, this is one excellent piece of advice for the marketers of today. Consumer behavior, technology advances and a myriad of devices has fundamentally changed how companies now connect with their customers. Gone are the days of the monolog where a company blasted its message at customers and customers responded. It has become an ongoing dialog and many are struggling to keep up.

The TOP 3 things marketers today MUST do to make it work:

Number 1: Become Data Driven

Social interaction with customers offers a 360-degree customer profile that makes it possible for companies to understand their customers as the 3-dimensional people they are. Gone are the “from the gut artistic” decisions that once guided marketers. Now if you are not looking at data, you are sure to get it wrong. Data is key to finding the “love of your life,” don’t allow emotions to cloud your judgment!!!

Number 2: Embrace the Customer Experience

Marketing has now become a conversation – companies that do not respect this will get nowhere with the consumer of today. Customers will not merely “drink the advertising Kool-Aid” any longer and will now reach out of input. This input can come from the seller, but more impactful sources will be users and 3rd party independent voices. If you don’t embrace this new dynamic, you will be left hugging yourself!!!

Number 3: Welcome Emerging Trends

If the last 20 years of accelerations have demonstrated anything, it is to be ready for change – it comes quickly. The typewriter was in the middle of written communications for over 100 years, but it has only taken us only 30 years to churn through the teletype, the fax machine, the desktop computer to some extent, the tablet, the phone, etc. What comes now might go quickly. If you are not open to new trends, expect to be stood up on that crucial first date!!!

It is a brave new world for marketers, and those that don’t heed YODA’s advice will not only be left behind but may not survive.

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