STAR Certification Forms a Strategic Partnership with OUTCERT

Posted By , July 4th, 2018

STAR Certification, a global certification body for advanced technology disciplines, is announcing a strategic collaboration with OUTCERT, a technology education platform.

Network, the largest private Security Management Executives Group on LinkedIn, today announced its collaboration with OUTCERT, a technology education platform.    

STAR’s Bivin Jacob explains: “there is a matrix of correlation between the segments we have chosen to focus on: programming languages, cybersecurity, and disruptive technologies. Over time, students and professionals will require to gain skills in all three. OUTCERT’s approach to roadmapping all technology-related areas fits well with STAR’s model.”

Acting as a hub for professional technology education, OUTCERT aggregates certifications from vendors and associations in over 100 technology areas. Rather than utilizing search engines, users can register for free and track their interests more easily, as well as gain insights into unfamiliar industry sectors.

Lital Shoshan Idel, OUTCERT’s Chief Marketing Officer adds: “We are impressed with STAR Certification’s extensive offerings in the disruptive technologies arena. It is essential for professionals to demonstrate varied knowledge. It is also imperative that tomorrow’s IT pro can be proficient with coding skills and security concepts as they engage with trending technologies such as Blockchain, DevOps, and IoT”.


OUTCERT is an educational platform that aggregates tech-related professional certifications from both vendors and vendor-neutral organizations. Founded in 2016, the company aims to bring next-generation technology education to the mainstream through collaboration with its partners, academic institutions, and employers around the world.

About STAR Certification

Star Certification is a Global Certification Body that focuses on Software Development, Cybersecurity, and Disruptive Technologies.  

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