CISO Network Forms a Strategic Alliance with OUTCERT

Posted By , March 15th, 2018

CISO Network Founders Brad & Dan Haizlett explain: “the cybersecurity landscape evolves continuously. It is essential that we seek educational resources that cover a broad spectrum, covering trending technologies and responding to new vectors of attack that would concern Security Managers.”

Acting as a hub for professional technology education, OUTCERT aggregates certifications from vendors and associations in over 100 technology areas. Rather than utilizing search engines, users can register for free and track their interests more easily, as well as gain insights into unfamiliar industry sectors.

Original article:

“We are enthused to collaborate with CISO Network”, adds Lee Marer, CTO of OUTCERT. “The added value from this ongoing dialogue will provide us with a unique insight from the world’s leading security chiefs and technical staff: their ideas, concerns, and overall shaping of the road ahead.”

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